Who can do Invisalign?
Myth & Truth with Some Useful Tips

General dentists can and do offer Invisalign to their patients. However, because they are not trained as orthodontists, they are only able to offer limited treatment with Invisalign.


The short answer is yes. General dentists CAN offer their patients braces. If a general dentist wants to provide orthodontics in his or her practice, then they have to measure up to the standard of care. This means that if a dentist is able to straighten and align teeth as well as an average orthodontist, then they can offer braces to their patients Read More…

How do we know that the time has come to Extract the Wisdom teeth?

Wisdom tooth extraction:

Wisdom tooth extraction is a minor surgery in which the patient is under anesthesia. The dentist will make a cut on the gum to extract the third molar. We may also remove a wisdom tooth for fixing braces.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Reason for wisdom tooth extraction:

• They’re impacted.
• They come in at the wrong angle.
• Your mouth isn’t big enough.
• You have cavities or gum disease.

There are times when a complication in the jaw prevents the wisdom tooth from fully emerging Read More…